Focus and Scope

Focus and Scope for the Forest Policy Journal:

  1. Forest Policy Analysis: Presents contributions in the form of an in-depth analysis of policies that influence forest management. Including evaluating the impact of policies on the sustainability of forest resources and ecosystem balance.

  2. Forest Natural Resource Management: Discusses current strategies and approaches in forest resource management, with a focus on economic, ecological, and social sustainability.

  3. Climate Change and Forests: Investigating the impacts of climate change on forests and formulating policies that support adaptation and mitigation in the context of an ever-changing environment.

  4. Community Participation and Sustainable Forestry: Discusses community participation in forest management, including efforts to increase participation and empower local communities in forestry policies.

  5. Technology Development and Innovation in Forest Management: Presents the latest developments in technology and innovation that support the efficiency and effectiveness of forest management.

  6. Forest Economics and Ecosystem Value: Considers the economic value of forests and their contribution to local, national, and global economies, as well as the impact of policies on ecosystem values.

  7. Public Education and Awareness about Forestry: Encouraging public understanding of forestry policies, including educational efforts and increasing awareness of the importance of forest conservation.