Types of Submission

Generally, the Indonesian Journal of Social Development receives manuscripts that are already prepared by the conference organizer. They may receive a variety of manuscript such as clinical trial report, original research article, book review and the like. In that case, this is based on the merit set by the conference organizers.

  • Original research article that has never been published or appeared in any conference before. The manuscript should be between 7000 words that is inclusive to all parts (front matter, research discussion, back matter). It should be noted that any submission that has appeared on official repositories (i.e University Library, Repositories by both Non-Governmental or Governmental Organizations cannot be considered by the Pubmedia Digital Science Editorial Team
  • Clinical trial report that is valid and approved by the government that meets the ethical research conduct on experimental object.
  • Book review may also be submitted that is relevant to the Pubmedia Digital Science series. It should be noted that this type of submission must meet the criteria that is imposed by the conference organizers.