Focus & Scope

The Indonesian Journal of Social Development focuses on main area of discussions. The focus and scope of Indonesian Journal of Social Development include:

  1. Community Development: Research and practices related to community empowerment, capacity building, and sustainable development at the local level.

  2. Poverty Alleviation: Studies on strategies, policies, and programs aimed at reducing poverty and improving the economic well-being of disadvantaged populations.

  3. Education and Human Capital: Articles on education systems, access to quality education, and human capital development to enhance social progress.

  4. Health and Healthcare: Research on public health, healthcare systems, and initiatives to improve the health and well-being of communities.

  5. Gender Equality and Social Inclusion: Analysis of efforts to promote gender equality and social inclusion, addressing issues related to discrimination and inequality.

  6. Environmental Sustainability: Discussions on environmentally sustainable practices and policies, including eco-friendly initiatives that contribute to social development.

  7. Public Policy and Governance: Exploration of the role of government policies and governance in driving social development initiatives.

  8. Social Welfare and Safety Nets: Studies on social welfare programs, social safety nets, and social protection measures designed to support vulnerable populations.

  9. Rural and Urban Development: Comparative analyses of development challenges and solutions in rural and urban areas.

  10. International Development and Collaboration: Articles focusing on international cooperation, partnerships, and best practices in social development.