Manuscript Preparation

Pubmedia Journal Series has four series which includes Indonesian Journal of Social Development. All areas of subjects are unique to one another, meaning that different guidelines and templates will be applied in order to meet acceptance criteria. This guidelines serves as a complementary for a general information to assist publication on the Indonesian Journal of Social Development alongside the template.

It should be noted that relevance to subject areas plays an important role for a publication. Therefore, conference organizers and authors must carefully consider this matter before submission. Neglecting other aspects of a successful publication such as validity of research, fair distribution of credential in special case that involves multiple authors, verification to prevent plagiarism and the like will make acceptance to be unlikely. If there is a suspicion in plagiarism through the use of software by Pubmedia Journal Series administrator, the editors will ask for a clarification to the corresponding author and possibly to the conference organizers.

Manuscript submission must be in English, preferably written using the American spelling (en-us, EN-US). Submission in other languages may be possible for as long as the language is recognized by the United Nations. A further consultation to the Pubmedia Journal Series editorial staff is necessary should there be this type of submission. Please see the list of language on this link

Other linguistic aspects are considered a higher importance which include matters such as a correct use of grammar, spelling, accurate scientific terms and the like. It will likely result in distraction from the science being discussed in a manuscript and a delay in publication. To prevent this scenario, it is strongly encouraged for the authors to have their manuscripts proofread by native speaker colleagues. An additional fee might be charged should there be a need to extensively correct manuscript by the Editorial Staff at Pubmedia Journal Series.