Focus and Scope

Focus: This journal focuses on the development, preservation and in-depth study of regional languages ​​in Indonesia. The main focus includes the following aspects:

  1. Regional Language Development:
  • Identification and documentation of linguistic variations in regional languages.
  • Innovation and development in vocabulary, grammar and forms of expression in regional languages.
  • Study of the process of changing regional languages ​​in the context of modernization.
  1. Cultural and Language Preservation:
  • Conservation strategies to prevent the extinction of regional languages.
  • The relationship between regional languages ​​and aspects of local culture.
  • The role of regional languages ​​in maintaining and strengthening cultural identity.
  1. Regional Language Education:
  • Methods of teaching and learning regional languages ​​in schools and communities.
  • Study of the level of success of regional language education programs.
  • Implementation of a curriculum that strengthens understanding and use of regional languages ​​at various levels of education.
  1. Technology and Regional Languages:
  • Use of technology to document and support regional language development.
  • Utilization of digital applications for learning and preserving regional languages.
  • Challenges and opportunities in integrating technology into regional language preservation efforts.

Scope: This journal discusses topics in the context of regional Indonesian languages, involving various scientific disciplines such as linguistics, anthropology, education, information technology, and cultural studies. The scope of the journal includes, but is not limited to:

  1. Regional Languages ​​in Certain Areas:
  • In-depth study of regional languages ​​in various provinces and districts in Indonesia.
  • Comparison between regional language variations in various regions.
  1. Sociolinguistic Aspect:
  • Analysis of the role of regional languages ​​in social interaction.
  • The study of sociolinguistic changes in local communities.
  1. Literature and Regional Language Studies:
  • Understanding of literary and cultural works related to the use of regional languages.
  • The relationship between regional languages ​​and local literary identity.
  1. Innovations in Language Development:
  • New developments in technology to support language development.
  • Study of new creations in regional languages, such as slang or popular expressions.

With a clearly defined focus and scope, it is hoped that this journal can become a forum for researchers, academics and practitioners who are interested in contributing to the development and preservation of Indonesian regional languages.