Focus and Scope

The Sustainable Civil Building Management and Engineering Journal is dedicated to advancing research and knowledge in the interdisciplinary fields of civil engineering, building management, and sustainable development. The journal aims to be a prominent platform for academics, researchers, and practitioners to disseminate innovative ideas, methodologies, and solutions that contribute to the creation of sustainable and resilient built environments.


  1. Sustainable Building Design and Construction:

    • Green building materials and technologies
    • Energy-efficient building design and construction
    • Sustainable construction practices and methodologies
    • Life cycle assessment and environmental impact analysis in building projects
  2. Civil Engineering for Sustainability:

    • Infrastructure development with a focus on environmental impact
    • Sustainable transportation systems and urban planning
    • Water resource management and conservation in civil engineering projects
    • Eco-friendly and resilient civil engineering solutions
  3. Building Management and Maintenance:

    • Smart building technologies for energy optimization
    • Building automation systems and intelligent controls
    • Facility management strategies for sustainability
    • Building information modeling (BIM) for efficient management
  4. Environmental and Social Considerations:

    • Climate change adaptation and mitigation in civil engineering
    • Social and community aspects of sustainable building and infrastructure projects
    • Integration of sustainable practices with societal well-being
    • Ethical considerations in civil engineering and building management


SCBMEJ invites original research papers, review articles, and case studies that contribute to the advancement of sustainable practices in civil engineering, building management, and related disciplines. The journal encourages interdisciplinary approaches and welcomes submissions that address the challenges and opportunities at the intersection of environmental, social, and economic sustainability in the built environment.

SCBMEJ is committed to fostering a global community of scholars and practitioners dedicated to promoting sustainable practices and resilience in civil engineering and building management. The journal aims to be a valuable resource for researchers, professionals, and policymakers seeking to address the complexities of sustainable development in the construction and civil engineering sectors.