Information For Librarians

Listing in Electronic Journal Holdings
We cordially invite research librarians to include our journal in their library's electronic journal holdings. By doing so, you can provide your patrons with seamless access to our high-quality, peer-reviewed content, fostering academic excellence and facilitating scholarly research within your institution.

Hosting with Open Journal Systems (OJS)
Moreover, we would like to highlight that our journal utilizes Open Journal Systems (OJS), a renowned open-source publishing platform developed by the Public Knowledge Project. This versatile system offers a comprehensive suite of tools and features designed to streamline the entire editorial workflow, from manuscript submission to peer review, copyediting, and final publication.

Collaborative Opportunities

We welcome the opportunity to collaborate with research libraries interested in hosting our journal or exploring the potential of OJS for their scholarly publishing endeavors. Our editorial team is available to provide guidance, support, and training to ensure a smooth transition and successful journal management experience.