Focus and Scope

Aerospace Engineering 

1. Journal Objectives:
Aerospace Engineering aims to be the main platform for researchers, engineers and academics to present and discuss the latest innovations, scientific research and technological developments in the field of aerospace engineering. The journal is dedicated to advancing global understanding of aircraft systems, space and related technologies.

2. Scope:
This journal covers, but is not limited to, the following aspects of aerospace engineering:

a. Aircraft Design and Construction:
- Innovations in aircraft design and propulsion systems.
- The latest material technology for aircraft structures.

b. Space Technology:
- Development of rockets and space vehicles.
- Space navigation and communication systems.

c. Aircraft Dynamics and Control:
- Study of aircraft dynamics and aircraft control.
- Development of in-flight automation systems.

d. Propulsion Technology:
- Innovations in aircraft engines and propulsion technology.
- Development of environmentally friendly fuels.

e. Avionics System:
- Modern avionics systems and system integration.
- Development of avionics hardware and software.

f. Remote Sensing Technology:
- Application of remote sensing technology in monitoring and observation.
- Data analysis and satellite image processing.

g. Space Robotics Development:
- Innovation in the development of robots and unmanned space vehicles.
- Use of robotics for maintenance and space exploration.

3. Methodology:
Aerospace Engineering accepts contributions based on experimental research, numerical simulations, case studies, and technical articles that discuss real applications and implementation of the latest technology in the context of aerospace engineering.

4. Target Audience (Intended Audience):
The journal's audience includes academic researchers, industrial engineers, aerospace engineering practitioners, students, and policy makers interested in the latest developments and key issues in aerospace engineering.

By providing deep insight into the latest innovations and advances in aerospace engineering, Aerospace Engineering hopes to build and support a dynamic research community worldwide