Focus and Scope

Focus: This journal aims to present and discuss the latest research findings, concepts, and innovations in the field of healthcare service management. The primary focus of this journal is to explore various aspects of management related to the provision of healthcare services, ranging from planning to evaluation. The main focuses include, but are not limited to:

Strategic Healthcare Service Management

  • Development and implementation of healthcare service strategies.
  • Analysis of health policies and their impact on service management.

Technology Innovation in Healthcare Services

  • Utilization of information technology to enhance healthcare service efficiency.
  • Integration of health information systems for patient data management.

Service Quality Management

  • Implementation and evaluation of healthcare service quality management programs.
  • Performance measurement and accreditation of healthcare facilities.

Leadership and Human Resource Development

  • The role of leadership in achieving healthcare service goals.
  • Professionalism and competency development of human resources in the health sector.

Evaluation and Performance Improvement

  • Methods for evaluating healthcare service performance.
  • Sustainable improvement strategies to enhance effectiveness and efficiency.

Scope: This journal invites contributions from various disciplines related to healthcare service management, including but not limited to:

Health Economics

  • Analysis of costs and resource management efficiency in the context of healthcare services.

Public Health

  • Epidemiological research related to disease management and public health.

Information Technology

  • Application of information technology in health data management and services.

Health Policy

  • Analysis of the impact of health policies on service management.

Health Education

  • Innovations in education and training of human resources in the healthcare field.

Human Resource Management

  • Best practices in human resource management in the healthcare service sector.

This journal is committed to being a relevant platform for academics, practitioners, and other stakeholders interested in the research and development of the latest concepts in healthcare service management.