Focus and Scope

Buletin Antropologi Indonesia has a focus and scope that covers various aspects of human life and society, particularly socio-cultural issues in Indonesia. Articles in this journal present specific topics related to ethnic/social groups, culture in Indonesia, as well as theoretical discourses in anthropology, especially in Indonesian anthropology. The focus and scope of this journal include:

  1. Aspects of Human Life and Society: Investigating various dimensions of human life and social dynamics within societies.

  2. Socio-Cultural Issues in Indonesia: Addressing diverse social and cultural issues that arise in Indonesia, encompassing social changes, cultural dynamics, and contemporary challenges.

  3. Topics Related to Ethnic/Social Groups: Highlighting topics related to ethnic or social groups in Indonesia, delving into the diversity and dynamics of relationships between groups.

  4. Culture in Indonesia: Exploring and analyzing various cultural aspects that characterize Indonesia, including cultural heritage, arts, and traditions.

  5. Theoretical Discourses in Anthropology: Discussing theories within the discipline of anthropology, particularly those relevant to the context of Indonesian anthropology.

The scope of this journal may include articles that focus on research, analysis, and literature reviews in various aspects of anthropology, contributing to a deeper understanding of cultural diversity and human behavior.